If Your Application For A Grant Is Unsuccessful

You must be informed in writing of the reasons for the refusal of the grant application, as well as your right to request the decision to be reconsidered within 90 days of notifIcation.

Methods Of Payment (Where can I withdraw SASSA money?)

Once your grant is approved, you will be issued with a SASSA payment card. This card is used to access your grant money. If you wish to use alternative methods of payment such as
• All Banks including Postbank, or
• Institutions, you must contact your nearest SASSA offce
Please note that the SASSA card is the only offcial social grant payment card
Note: If you are unable to collect the grant yourself you may nominate a procurator to collect it on your behalf.

Suspension Of Grants

The following may result in the suspension of a grant:
• changes in circumstances (fnancial and / or medical);
• outcome of a review;
• failure to co-operate when a grant is reviewed;
• committing a fraudulent activity or misrepresentation
• Where grant was approved in error Restoration Of Grants

An application must be made for restoration of a grant within 90 days of the suspension.
Main Reasons For Lapsing Of Grants
• death;
• admission to a State Institution;
• if the grant is not claimed for 3 consecutive months;
• when the period of temporary disability has lapsed;
• you are absent from the Republic; for a period of longer than 90 days
• If you cease to be a refugee.
• If the child for whom the grant is received turns 18

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