You must declare any income at the time of application. This will form the basis on which SASSA will decide whether your grant must be reviewed. You will be notified 3 months in advance of the date of the review or the date on which the life certificate is due.
Life Certificates
If you do not collect your own grant with a biometric validation (fngerprint), you will be asked to provide life status confirmation (proof of life once per year). You will be informed in advance of the requirements.

Social Relief Of Distress

Social relief of distress is the temporary provision of assistance intended for persons in such dire need that they are unable to meet their or their families’ most basic needs. Social Relief of Distress is paid to South African citizens; permanent residents or refugees, who have insufficient means are resident in South Africa and meet one or more of the following criteria:
• the applicant is awaiting payment of an approved social grant;
• the breadwinner of that household has been found medically unfit to undertake remunerative work for a period of less than 6 months;
• the bread winner of the household is deceased and application is made within three months of the date of death;
• the bread winner of that household person’s family has been admitted to a private institution for a period of at least
one month

• the applicant has been affected by a disaster as defined in the Disaster Management Act or the Fund Raising
Act, 1978
• refusal of the application for social relief of distress will cause undue hardships.
Period Of Social Relief Of Distress
Social Relief of Distress is issued monthly for a maximum period of 3 months. An extension for a further 3 months may be granted in exceptional cases.

Note: No person who is in receipt of a social grant may receive the grant and social relief of distress simultaneously. Any person who received both social relief and a grant at the same time must repay the value of the social relief of distress received. This will be recovered from any social grant payment, including an arrear payment. However, where
the person who is in receipt of a social grant received social relief of distress as a result of a disaster, that amount will not be recovered.

Responsibility of the Beneficiaries
It is the responsibility of beneficiaries to keep SASSA informed of changes in their circumstances and means, and to respond to any correspondence received.

SASSA exercises zero tolerance to fraudulent activities

What Is A Means Test
In South Africa Social Assistance is subject to means testing which implies that SASSA evaluates the income and assets of the person applying for social assistance in order to determine whether the person’s means are below a stipulated amount. This means test is a way of determining whether a person qualifies to receive a grant as grants are indeed meant for those who have insufficient means to support themselves. The means test varies from one grant type to another.
Note: Grants for older persons, war veterans and disabled are paid on a sliding scale that is, the more private income you have, the smaller the government pension you will qualify for.


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