SASSA  also  reminds all  its  beneficiaries  that  social  grants  get  paid  out  from  the  1st  of every  month  and  remains that  unless  announced  otherwise.





Where Do You Apply For A Sassa Grant?

  • You apply at the SASSA Office nearest to where you live
  • If you are too old or sick to travel to the office to apply for a grant, then a family member or friend can apply on your behalf; with letter from you as applicant authorizing the application
  • Alternatively you may call the SASSA office to request a home visit
  • Your application form will be completed in the presence of an officer from SASSA
  • When your application is completed you will be given a receipt
  • Keep this receipt – it is your only proof of application
  • You do not have to pay any money to apply
  • If your application is not approved by SASSA, you must be informed in writing as to why your application was unsuccessful
  • You have the right to request SASSA to reconsider its decision, if you are unhappy with the decision made. If the reconsidered decision is still unfavorable, you have the right to appeal to the Minister of Social Development. The request for SASSA to reconsider its decision must be made within 90 days of you being informed of the outcome of your application.

Sassa Contact

Tel: 012 400 2000 (Switchboard)

SASSA Head Office


501 Prodinsa Building

Cnr Steve Biko and Pretorius Streets


Social Grants

Social Assistance is an income transfer in the form of grants provided by government. A social grant refers to grants paid by the South African Social Security Agency that is: disability grant; grant for older persons and war veteran’s grant; foster child grant; care dependency grant; child support grant and grant-in-aid. As from 01 April 2006, the responsibility for the management, administration and payment of social assistance grants was transferred to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). SASSA is a section 3A public entity, the focused institution responsible to ensure that government pays the right grant, to the right person, at a location which is most convenient to that person.

Methods Of Payment

Once your grant is approved, you will be issued with a SASSA payment card. This card is used to access your grant money. If you wish to use alternative methods of payment such as • Banks including Postbank, or • Institutions, you must contact your nearest SASSA office Please note that the SASSA card is the only official social grant payment card Note: If you are unable to collect the grant yourself you may nominate a procurator to collect it on your behalf.

What Is A Means Test

In South Africa Social Assistance is subject to means testing which implies that SASSA evaluates the income and assets of the person applying for social assistance in order to determine whether the person’s means are below a stipulated amount. This means test is a way of determining whether a person qualifies to receive a grant as grants are indeed meant for those who have insufficient means to support themselves.