Social Assistance is an income transfer in the form of grants provided by government. A social grant refers to grants paid by the South African Social Security Agency that is: disability grant; grant for older persons and war veteran’s grant; foster child grant; care dependency grant; child support grant and grant-in-aid.
As from 01 April 2006, the responsibility for the management, administration and payment of social assistance grants was
transferred to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). SASSA is a section 3A public entity, the focused institution responsible to ensure that government pays the right grant, to the right person, at a location which is most
convenient to that person.

Types of grants

Social Assistance is provided in the form of:

grant for older persons;
disability grant;
• war veterans grant;
care dependency grant;
• foster child grant;
child support grant;
• grant-in-aid;
• Social Relief of Distress.

Topics you find on Page 2?

What do you need to apply
Where do you apply for a grant
• Date of approval

• Unsuccessful application
• Methods of payment
• Suspension of grants
• Restoration of grants
• Main reasons for lapsing grants
• Reviews
• Social Relief of Distress
• Amount of Grants
• Address List