There are 3 ways:
1. Salary/Third Party Deposit
 You can ask your employer to transfer your salary into your account. For other people who want to put money into your
account, simply give them your name, account number and branch code (584000) and tell them it’s a savings or cheque
account. They can then electronically transfer the money into your account. It should reflect in your account within 24 hours.

2. EasyPay Outlets
 Step 1: Go to any EasyPay point e.g. Checkers, Pick n Pay, SPAR, Woolworths etc. and tell the teller you want to make an EasyPay payment.
 Step 2: Hand the teller the cash that you would like to pay into your account.
 Step 3: Advise the teller to use the EasyPay number on the back of your card (above the EasyPay logo) to complete your deposit.
You will receive a slip as proof of payment.
 Your money should reflect within 24 – 48 hours.

3. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
 Step 1: If you have a bank account with another bank, log onto that bank’s internet site and set yourself up as a beneficiary with your SASSA Account number and the Grindrod Bank branch code (584000) provided.
 Step 2: Type in the amount you would like to transfer into your account. If it asks you what type of account, you can select either a transmission, cheque or savings account and submit the request.
 Your money should reflect within 24 hours.